Wimberg Productions: 360-degree Panoramic Tours for Museums, Visitors Centers, Event Locations


One of the main purposes for adding a 360-degree panoramic tour to your communication channels is to give online visitors a pre-look at what the museum or event site has to offer, enticing travelers to schedule a visit. A panoramic tour puts visitors in the driver’s seat, right in the center of a room or exterior location, allowing them to navigate 360° in any direction.


Another purpose is to extend learning opportunities to students of any age in remote locations.


A 360-degree panoramic tour is an interactive program composed of two or more panoramas, allowing visitors to navigate from panorama to panorama by clicking arrows or other navigational symbols, moving in and around exhibits.


It is embedded into the website and other marketing channels. The tour can be incorporated into existing marketing tactics; therefore, no additional costs are necessary to market the tour, other than design and creation costs. 


This is an example of a recent tour we produced for the EAA Museum’s Eagle Hangar, an exhibit of WWII aircraft. 



In that particular tour, users navigate the hangar to view nine aircraft, including interior cockpits, and learn about individual aircraft by clicking “About” buttons to open text, photographs or video.  


Tours formats are customizable:

Š      Spherical panoramas are the base content of the tour. 

Š      Clickable buttons link to popup text and photo or video windows for added depth and information.

Š      Hyperlinks to webpages guide users to video links, a narration track, or perhaps to event and educational information, membership enrollment and more

Š      Maps and menus orient users to the museum exhibit space, a “you are here” orientation and alternate navigation method.

Š      Background looped audio can give a sense of time and place.

Tour applications:

Š      Create awareness worldwide of museum exhibits and educational opportunities.

Š      Give destination travelers a taste of the museum and entice them to visit.

Š      Enhance online research and education.

Š      Post and share in communication channels – website, e-news, Facebook, press releases, online magazines.    


Š      We will consult with you to scope out the size and dimensions of the tour to fit your budget.   

Š      We work with your point person to assess in house content that may integrate into popups and hyperlinks.  

Š      We create a clear production plan with your active participation, and we test the finished product on desktop and mobile browsers before launching the tour.


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